Dr Irene Broadley-Westerduin
BSc, PGCE, Ad. Dip. Sp Ed., MEd, MSc, PhD
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An Educational Psychologist (EP) is someone who applies psychological theory and approaches within an educational context. By completing an in-depth assessment, an EP will explore the reasons why a child or adult is finding some aspects of learning difficult to acquire.

From this full assessment practical and realistic steps to help overcome any difficulties will be suggested. For example are you:
Concerned about your child’s performance at school?
Aware your child struggles completing homework?
Aware that your child is better at talking about things than writing them down?
Concerned that your child has difficulty paying attention to certain things?
Aware that your child becomes easily frustrated by an inability to do some things?
Aware that your child has difficulty making and keeping friends?
How we work
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Why have an Educational Psychology assessment?

Parents may be advised to have their child assessed by an Educational Psychologist, particularly if there has been a persistent difficulty in acquiring literacy. Children vary enormously in their rate of physical development and in all aspects of early learning. However a mismatch in their abilities may emerge and gaps in development can create difficulties. Appropriate recognition and help with strategies and alternative approaches enable learning needs to be met. Pupils whose needs have not been fully met can feel that education has failed them. School is a crucial time in a child’s development when key skills are being developed, early identification is vital to ensure that appropriate interventions are put in place.

How Long Does An Assessment Take?

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